Talking to Toby

So, yesterday I recorded an interview with my mate, and BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast presenter Toby Foster. We go back a few years now, and it was good to have an honest talk about how things were, are, and hopefully will be.

The main conclusion that we came to was the thing I have kept repeating since this journey began, the first step on anyone’s journey through depression is to talk, to acknowledge the vulnerability, and the need for help, and to speak openly to someone, your partner, best friend, doctor, the Samaritans, but just do it. send a message on Facebook, twitter, send a text, but don’t go through it alone, sitting on it will just perpetuate the cycle of feeling bad, feeling anxious, feeling guilty.

I’m keeping this short today, because it really is a simple message, and I’ll leave off by saying this, if you follow this blog, or follow me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or you’ve got my mobile number, and you are struggling, send ME a message, give ME a call, I can’t promise to have the answers, and I can’t promise to solve your problems, but what I will do is listen, without judgement, and I’ll be here for you.



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