No Words

I woke yesterday morning ready to write a blog post, I was feeling positive, after a relaxing but productive weekend with a lot of new ideas popping in my mind. I was ready to write about how once again I had felt a sliver of the old me returning and how I could see better days ahead and feeling a smile back on my face.

Then I answered the door to the worst possible news, news that left me, and many others who heard the news yesterday, shocked, confused, devastated and heartbroken. Over the weekend, we lost a very good friend, an amazingly talented musician, a husband, father, band mate and one of the most genuine and lovely guys you could ever wish to meet. He was modest, funny, witty, intelligent, hard-working, and I hope that he knew just how much he was respected, admired, and loved, by so many people.

Gone way too soon, he had so much to achieve, and he would have deserved every award and accolade that came his way, and it still doesn’t feel real that he won’t walk in to the practice room tonight, or again.

The sense of loss has been indicated today by so many posts of tribute on social media, all with the same feeling of heartbreak and disbelief, this is a loss that will be felt for a long time to come, and there will be a void in everyone’s lives that we’ll never be able to fill, all wed can do is be there for his family, and for each other, there are many things that can be levelled at the music community, in any city, particularly Sheffield with its status as the world’s largest village, but one thing that is true, is that when one of us hurts, we all hurt, and we will come together in the days, months and years to come, and try our best to mitigate this dreadful pain that we are feeling as one today.

There’s little left that I can say, save only to reiterate what I’ve said here before, these things hurt us all, and we need to reach out in our darkest hour. If anyone is hurting, about this loss, or anyone else, talk to someone, talk to me, I may be suffering, but I know I can try my best to help.

Fly free Jonesy, we love you, brother xx



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